CoinDash Brings New Approach in Cryptocurrency Investment

People who feel cryptocurrency investment too complicated will love to hear the news about new platform in Ethereum protocol, CoinDash. This new platform brings new approach in cryptocurrency investment with their innovative social portfolio management idea. The idea is to make users of CoinDash more socialize inside the community.

The social platform allow users to be connected one another in the form of following and followed. Just like in social media, the followers will get the access to see the information on followed user account, while the followed user will get the right to manage the information shared to others. The information shared is including portfolios, risk structures, aggregated performance, and update. For the information shared to the followers, followed users will get reward. CoinDash also introduced copy-trading feature that allow followers to copy smart contract interface of the followed user for automatic ICO.

Investment management tools are also provided for all users to monitor their current situation as well as manage the investment easily. Keeping track of their performance, manage position risk levels, get live updates on orders, and obtain clean analysis are all possible and easy to do.

Even beginner will find it easier to enter cryptocurrency market because they have various tools to help them understand the trading and make decision. When they feel uneasiness or confuse to take action, they could search for reputable traders and follow them. As the beginning, user could copy some strategy while they keep on learning about the market. Eventually, users will gain experiences, knowledge, and skills to trade better. The expected result would be revenue that continuously flowing.

CoinDash runs on Ethereum protocol that was transformed the world of blockchain with their innovative technology. Ethereum protocol made blockchain possible to be used for various applications. For Ethereum, cryptocurrency is only small part of blockchain. There are so much more uses of blockchain, including investment management. With the nature of blockchain as decentralized system, the transaction would be more transparent. Now, with CoinDash also brings innovative idea, blockchain world becomes more interesting. That is why CoinDash product is in high demand.

Unfortunately, CoinDash experienced a miserable incident when the website hacked on the first day of CoinDash token sale. Due to the hacking, many contributors sent ETH to the malicious address and 37,000 ETH were stolen. 
However, CoinDash do not want to be defeated. They immediately took action to overcome the problem and continue their effort to develop the product. The hope is still there and they work hard to make the dream come true.