MANO COIN (The Masternode Foundation) Swiss Army knife for Masternode Investors

Hello my friend, i am RIAY UHUU will make an article about MANO COIN , before i explain about the MANO COINi will, explain what is ICO first, below

Already familiar with IPO (Initial Public Offering)? ie companies that enter the floor of the stock, sell the percentage of ownership of shares to the public in order to obtain funds for business continuity.

The first IPO recorded in history was 1602 in which the VOC offered shares to the public.

The VOC we know as kumpeni colonists is a Dutch company. In America, the IPO was first recorded in 1783 when the Bank of North America offered shares to the public.

For hundreds of years the idea of IPO is still in use. In the near future, it is likely that the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) mechanism will slowly replace the idea of an IPO.

ICO is a fundraising effort to build applications related to Blockchain and its implementations such as cryptocurrency, bitcoin, smart contract and smart ledger.

ICO offers a number of tokens to investors that are usually valued by Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. These future tokens are expected to be of high value, depending on the success of the apps solving business problems.There is no definite regulation to regulate ICO, but investors who believe in the future of blockchain usually dare to take risks.Any startup that is running ICO can be found here the conventional businessman, it may see this phenomenon as something strange, something that is difficult to digest, how can investors dare to put money to young people under the age of 30–40 years, business experience is not much, network is minimal and do not understand how the capital market , business, economy, market work ?. It must be the majority of scams, perhaps the most widely accused by the generation of senior businessmen 40–50s upwards.Some startups who managed to get funds from ICO can be read here If technology can help ease and effective efficiency, compared with the old pattern, it is assured to be fast or sluggish everyone will choose an easier way. Though still immature, Blockchain-based applications provide the convenience of being Distributed databases: Data is stored in many nodes, not centralized, does not require many third parties, Immutable records, created data can not be replaced / deleted. Execution of transaction process can be run by rule / algorithm as in example smart contract. Examples of successful blockchain apps get funding from Initial Coin OfferingEthereum: is a blockchain implementation with smartcontract features. ethereum is Open source, many apps blockchain created based on framework ethereum. Earn $ 18 million when ICO. Ethereum introduces the DAO of a distributed autonomous organization that will act as a decision maker on projects related to ethereum. DAO is a formless organization. Its members are those who give the first token ether when ICO is launched.Iconomi:, earn $ 10, 6 million.Open Fund Management, following the uber concept in the fund management industry, is located in the unknown town of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Iconomy service users can manage digital assets in one platform: Digital managed assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, MaidSafeCoin, NEM.

When a conventional fund management company manages stock, property, and foreign currency assets managed by humans, the digital version is submitted to a rule / algortima in the form of blockcain-based smartcontract. If I buy 1 BTC at the price of $ 800, then I can instruct to remove 1 BTC when the price in the position of $ 1,000 through apps that stuck to the smartcontract. The process will run automatically, without brokers and stockbrokers.

Golem Network:

Decentralize sharing Computing Power, earn $ 8 million within 30 minutes. Golem idea is a computer rental place to help with heavy duty tasks such as rendering, calculating, mining, machine learning, cryptograhy, analytic data and so on. If you have a server with available 5% you can rent for the needy. Great idea, and this platform uses ethereum.


Is a decentralized esport plaform: Players invite play play sports e-sports digital. If a player wins a prize. prize through smarfcontract execution. Do not know where the prize was obtained, from sponsors or from betting among players?


Digix is a Platform token Asset. earn $ 5.5 million within 12 hours. Cryptocurrency is volatile, prices change in a short time, morning $ 800, afternoon jumps to $ 1,000 and the night has dropped to $ 500. Digix has Digix Gold Tokens (DGX)


MANO’S CORE MISSION Provide reliable, intuitive and simple solutions for Masternode investors

Different PoSe coins have different technical requirements to run their masternodes and, let’s be honest, most investors don’t want to learn complicated linux commandsor have time to deal with Ubuntu VPS’ security updates. The Masternode Foundation’s project will break technical barriers holding back investors from adding these passive income generating assets to their portfolios.

The Masternode Foundation Road Map

June 2018

MANO Coin Blockchain

Genesis block creation, Core wallet releases, explorers, mining pools and business incorporation.

July 2018


Initial platform release, one-click MANO masternode setup, additional coins inclusion and support staff selection.

August 2018

Shared Masternodes Platform

Automated MANO Shared Masternodes beta-testers selection, platform release and addition of partner coins.

October 2018

Masternode Rankings

Official platform launch, listing of partner coins, Node Monitor apps and final marketing plan fine tune.

January 2019

MANO Exchange

Beta release, partner coins listing, third party security audits and jurisdictional legal compliance.

March 2019


MANO’s decentralized governance activation, proposal platform deployment, initial investments and dividends distribution.



Name: Masternode Foundation

Symbol: MANO

MN Collateral:1,000 MANO

Block Reward: 10 MANO

Block Reward:50% PoW / 50% MN

PoW Algo:Lyra2

zBlock time: 120 Seconds

Halving: 12 Months

Max Supply: 12.61M MANO

Premine: 3%


MANO Coin is a mineable, fairly launched and decentralized cryptocurrency that will be the exclusive payment method for services offered by The Masternode Foundation.

MANO’s instant transactions and optional privacy, supported by an independent and reliable blockchain, allow The Masternode Foundation to offer real time zero-confirmation deployment of its services.

Smart, reasonably priced solution for investor masternode.

Automated Masternode Deployment

  • Exclusive one-click masternode hosting servicethat eliminates today’s most common difficulties for masternode investors.

Automated Shared Masternodes

  • Platform for joining any partner coin shared masternode automatically, featuring real time balance information, reinvestments and share withdrawals.

Node Monitor Companion Mobile App

  • Keep track of all your Masternode statuses, make sure your investment is constantly generating passive income. Our mobile Apps will let you know as soon as anything changes on your masternode.

Masternode Exclusive Exchange

  • A masternode coin exclusive exchange where masternode investors can receive their rewards directly and trade them automatically if they

Masternode Rankings Listing Platform

  • The most comprehensive masternode coins listing and comparison platform ever created. The Coin Market Cap of Masternodes.

Masternode Investment Fund

  • Masternode-backed fund chosen by the MANO Decentralized Governance generating extra income for Masternode holders.


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