Google Officially Brings Twitter to Desktop Searches

Tweets are now officially part of Google Desktop Searches

Google has officially announced to bring Twitter to desktop searches. People who are using Google search on the mobile are already experiencing more twitter results in the searches, but now Google has confirmed on its blog that twitter results are also including for the desktop searches.

Google started displaying tweets on mobile app from May 2015 and now they have unrolled twitter results for desktop searches as well. The new Google update is currently available for the English language only and will be extended later on. Google said that twitter results will be included in the searches based on relevancy and one doesn’t require having a twitter account in order to see tweets or to click them. Similar to Google mobile results, there will be carousel displaying in organic search results. Google said that the results will get matured with the passage of time and the search results will be improved based on tweets.

Currently, Google is only showing organic tweet results in the searches and no advertising element is there. Google is keen to make search engine more effective and useful as it is also rolling out Google Panda 4.2 so alot is going on for the webmasters stay tuned.

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