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This week dives into artificial intelligence looking at what is possible today as well as a look into the future disruption of the workplace.

Possible today

The possibilities from artificial intelligence are picking up steam again (did it ever really stop?).

Airing on YouTube later today, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai and Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki are interviewed on the successes and challenges tech is bringing to the workforce today.

We already know one soundbite from Sundar in the interview:

Artificial intelligence will be more profound than electricity or fire.


Top lines..

Last week Apple released their results and outperformed expectations. Revenue for the quarter was a mere $45.4bn up 7% and so everyone was very happy but should they be?

Mobile is not what it used to be.

The quarter just gone is typically a quiet one as sales start to slow as expectations for the new iPhone release rise. After the previous quarter slowdown in iPhone sales there was some expectation of a further slowdown. It didn’t happen and instead iPhone sales grew 2% and revenue rose 3%.

This is a surprise because smartphone growth has slowed down to around 3% overall so a big win for the…

Source: Elena Shumilova

Net neutrality is back on the agenda. This is the idea that all Internet users should have equal access to all Internet services. Or to put it another way, users should not be prevented (or slowed down) from accessing a website because this particular website did not pay the ISP enough money.

Co-founder of Radiate B2B, Mike Weston went onto the BBC to talk on the topic and the action being taken by companies to highlight the issue — see the video here.

People care passionately about the topic — some 6.8m …

Credit: Sarah Graham

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is nothing new — it has been talked about since the early nineties. So why has it become the hot topic in B2B marketing now?

Account Based Marketing is the idea that you selectively target the accounts you want to talk to rather than the best practice approach today of driving as many people as possible to your content/website and placing them in a funnel watching for them to show any signs of a buying signal. As soon as they do, they get fired across to the sales team.

Yet everyday, your sales team (and your…

Having spent the best part of two decades working on the cutting edge of martech, I spend a chunk of time talking (debating!) about what’s next and what’s hyperbole. Given the downturn in adtech last year and the knock-on effect on martech. Is 2017 going to be a good year?

Well it is no surprise the crowd suggests Artificial Intelligence (AI) as their number one tip this year. The commoditisation of natural language systems and machine learning will no doubt accelerate its adoption though I suspect in reality, a large proportion of the companies suggesting they use AI, are really…

This is the second in the series of posts on early stage investments for technology startups. You can read the first one here.

In the last post I told you to avoid raising money wherever possible. Of course, it isn’t always possible and nor is it always the right approach.

There are a multitude of funding options available today, including friends and family, angels (high net worth individuals), angel networks, crowdfunding websites and of course venture capitalists.

Raising money from friends and family is usually a necessary first step so this post focuses on that. …

Image Credit: Andrew E. Larson

Yesterday, whilst drinking a well earned hot chocolate at Shoreditch Grind, I was debating the importance of naming a startup.

One of my old colleagues, Scott Voigt once told me about the bike-shed example, which I now know to be Parkinson’s law of triviality. It basically says that organisations spend a disproportionate amount of time on trivial issues (like figuring out the colour of the shed) because they are easier to grasp than more complex items (like the design of a nuclear power station).

Naming your company is an example of this.

There are however a few things to get…

Remember those days when you went to school, completed your degree and suddenly you didn’t need to learn anymore? I’m pretty sure those days never really existed☺It is clearly getting harder to keep up with industry content though..

More and more content is being created at an ever increasing rate and it is taking longer and longer to find even good quality content, let alone great content. We’ve spent a lot of time at Masterscroll trying to solve this problem so here are a few tips that help you to stay up-to-date using our platform.

  1. You’re not alone. Use the…

I’ve created a startup. Now where’s the money? It’s no trip to Sainsburys.

I’ve spent 20 years working in startups now. A few were my own, others not so much and I managed to get an exit or two along the way. In that time though the options available to entrepreneurs for funding have changed significantly, especially at the very earliest stage of a startup.

This time last year, I was sitting down to write a thesis for the Executive MBA at Cass Business School and thinking about how little consolidated information was available for entrepreneurs. Most had heard of venture capital and crowdfunding (usually Kickstarter) but of course these are not…

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