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Mar 26 · 2 min read

At Ribbon we believe it’s time for design to solve hard problems (we’ve seen enough messaging apps at this point). One of those problems is real estate, and specifically home ownership. I’m not talking about browsing home listings on a pretty map, I’m talking about the actual process of buying a home.

For those who don’t know, you’ve probably heard, that process sucks. It’s wrought with uncertainty, hidden fees, and strict timelines. Ribbon was born because we saw a better way. A way to champion the home buyer and give them the freedom and flexibility to buy the home they deserve. But this isn’t a post about what Ribbon does or even why we exist (which is a powerful story you can read more about on our website). This is a post about design at Ribbon.

Design at Ribbon is hard. The industry is antiquated, complex, and analog. The major players are incredibly well funded, and dominate market share. But the system is broken — and as a designer at Ribbon that is our challenge — to design a better experience. An experience that is clear, empathetic, and beautiful. One that doesn’t belittle the magnitude of the transaction while at the same time helps real people navigate the largest purchase of their lives.

This is just one of many challenges we work on every day — here are a few others:

  • We’re designing online and offline. Buying a home isn’t a software experience and neither is Ribbon, we’re designing an experience that’s both physical and digital. Thinking about the end to end experience of a home buyer or real estate agent is crucial to our success.
  • We’re investing in design. Design was one of our first hires, and the founders wholeheartedly believe in the value of — and are willing to invest in good design. We’re currently going through a rebrand, and are scaling the design team to further support our belief in being design led.
  • We have real traction, and a real business model. We don’t need millions of eyeballs to monetize, and we’re not building tech for tech’s sake, we are providing a real solution for real people, and it’s working.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, we’d love to talk. We’re hiring throughout the company, and specifically on design. For more information, email us at or check out our careers page.


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Making homeownership achievable

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