#ribbonCLT: Welcome to Ribbon!

I am thrilled to announce our local leadership team in Charlotte, NC!

The process of buying and selling a home is a very people-centric, hyper local problem. Unique regional knowledge and the ability to embrace people in the community with empathy and experience are critical hallmarks to establishing a world-class customer experience.

Ribbon’s business model of empowering buyers, sellers, realtors and lenders to level the playing field on the path to homeownership requires great customer service and robust local real estate market expertise.

With our open platform that allows any realtor to enable their clients with Ribbon’s guaranteed all-cash offers, we took the approach of asking dozens of realtors what they would want to see from Ribbon in terms of local presence. Universally, everyone asked for a team that could relate directly to the day to day responsibilities of the real estate transaction. A team who has previously helped buyers and sellers, have been cooperative brokers on the other side of the transaction and understand the urgency and need for organization around closings.

We’ve listened to all the feedback, and we were determined to bring on a team that not only has deep real estate experience, but who also want to spend the next chapter of their careers empowering realtors and making their lives more rewarding.

As such, I am thrilled to welcome Corey Shemtov, Rocky Faw, Emily Robertson and Taylor Hurwitz to Ribbon. Please meet our new team who is here to help make Ribbon a household name in the Carolinas and a dear partner to realtors and lenders.


Corey Shemtov (General Manager, Charlotte)
Corey comes from a background in residential real estate. In the past 4 years, Corey has managed over $100 million in real estate transactions across the Carolinas. Corey has 20 years of real estate management, sales, and operations experience. 
“Consumers and agents in the residential real estate marketplace have been squeezed by large institutional buyers for far too long. This pressure has caused people to sell low and buy high. Ribbon flips the script and empowers buyers with the ability to make all cash offers and compete to win in a congested marketplace. This democratization of capital is aligned with my core values. Ribbon is here to change the game and I’m excited to be on the team!”

Rocky Faw (Director, Real Estate Operations)
Rocky is no stranger to the world of real estate. He became a licensed Real Estate Appraiser and Broker over 10 years ago. He has run an Appraisal Firm, worked as an Asst. VP of Acquisitions and Construction for American Homes for Rent and led real estate operations for Offerpad. Rocky has purchased and sold over 5,000 homes throughout the U.S. 
“Very few things have changed in this industry over the last 50 years except for the skyrocketing amount of all cash offers. A void has been created in the industry and the average buyer/seller simply cannot compete with the institutional cash buyers and purchase the home they want. Ribbon is here to level the playing field, empower agents to give consumers that power and I am thrilled to help make that a reality for our local communities.”

Emily Robertson (Growth and Realtor Relations)
Emily has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, and customer relations. Along with her professional experience in real estate helping families navigate the path to home ownership, Emily has been a champion of empowering realtors and their clients and will be a driving force to enable seamless Ribbon experiences. 
Whether you have never purchased a home, or you are looking to buy your 10th — the home buying experience is full of surprises and excitement. Ribbon’s product is here to help take away the surprises, streamline the system, and fulfill the wish of purchasing your dream home with ease. I am so excited to hit the ground running while spreading the word that Ribbon can empower!”

Taylor Hurwitz (Transaction Coordinator)
Taylor was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Growing up in a real estate family, she developed a vast understanding of the Charlotte Market from an early age. In the past year, Taylor has coordinated the close of 250+ transactions. Her strong organizational skills and ability to communicate clearly throughout the closing process enables high volume, time sensitive, seamless deals. 
“The integrity and transparency in the Ribbon process resonates with my moral beliefs. There are no ‘gotcha’ moments for the agents, or consumers. Everything is known up front, which is a rare business model to come across in this day and age. I appreciate honesty and am proud to put my name next to such a stand up, progressive company.”

Please join me in welcoming our Charlotte team as I know they are excited and eager to drive the mission forward and support the local community!

Shaival Shah