DIY Your Party Ribbon Bows!

Are you planning to arrange for a wedding celebration? If this is so then, you must be searching for some amazing options for creative decorations. Well, you can come across amazing options and ideas for the same on the internet. But, the most important thing to get started with the wit the creativity is to acquire the right craft supplies. This will help you in coming up with the best creativity with supplies like cheap tulle fabric, ribbons, accessories and other essential things. You can even buy six tulle rolls 100 yards online easily at reasonable rates.

Most of the people prefer getting the decorations done by a professional and are ready to spend extra for that. Well, if you think that you are creative enough to make the decorations look perfect with your DIY techniques then you should actually try it out!!

At the wedding and party decorations, the unique and cute looking decorative accessory is the ribbon bow. There is no need for you to buy the expensive ribbon bows from the market as you can try making this at home. This DIY technique will make you save a lot of money and will also make the venue look stunning.

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So, go ahead and read the perfect technique to make ribbon bows on your own!!

Things you will need:

· Bow making tool

· Ribbon

· Scissors

Procedure to be followed:

Hold the bow tool in your left hand properly. Now, cut the ribbon in 12-inch length and choose the ribbon width according to your liking and convenience. After that, place the ribbon on the lower part of the bow making tool. Keep the shorter length on left and the longer one on right side.

Now, with the bigger ribbon length, you need to wrap it around the lower portion of bow making tool and then take it up and across. After that, take the ribbon end to make it run through the opening between the tool legs. Pass the ribbon through the hole and pull it downwards from behind. The important part is to keep the pull a bit loose, so you will be able to insert the ribbon end through space easily.

Keep the pointed ribbon end on the right-hand side, pull it up and then pass under the loop. Next, you need to keep the ribbon tail in the right hand to pull up the ends tightly forming a perfect knot. Now, remove the bow making tool and have a perfect looking ribbon bow ready!!