The timeless talk

Two friends living in Paris with enough money and time to think, are in a bar having a deep conversation.

Eve says, “I was wondering, what is time? If you think about it, the past is in your imagination, it is not real anymore, you cannot touch it.”

David replies, “Yes, but it was real before.”

“How can you prove?”

“Well, you lived it, you know it happened. Plus, you have photos, videos… You know you are aging…”

“Ok, you can touch the photos, so yes, they are real now. However, what you remember from it, is it real? Sometimes I cannot even connect myself to the past, as if it was not me who lived it.”

“Ok I need a beer for that!” — says David while calling the waiter of the bar, who, very friendly, served a pint of beer — “Try to elaborate more…”

“The past and future are the same: they don’t exist. You can argue that the past has consequences on what you are now, but also does the future. Most of your actions now are done according to what you want to do in the future. Is it the present who defines the future or the future who defines the past?” rambled Eve.

“But you know the past. The future is still a mystery.”

“Right, however, you can remember the past in the way you want and change your vision about it. So, you also imagine your past the same as you do with the future. In the end, what exists is only this instant, which is already over when I finish this sentence. In fact, time doesn’t exist at all.” said Eve while finishing eating her blue cheese burger.

“I think I get the idea, but still the future is unknown, you cannot control it, even if you plan. Uncertain things will happen.”

“You’re right. So if you knew the future would you still live it?

“If you knew the future, then it would be the same as the past”.

“So, would you live your past again?” asked Eve.

“No.” asserted David.

“Me neither, I wouldn’t want to live the sad moments again.”

David asks, “But life has peaks and valleys, wouldn’t you want to live again the peaks?”

“When I am in a happy moment of life it is almost unbearable because I know it will finish at some point and it will become just a memory. I don’t know how to be happy. Maybe being miserable is my comfort zone.”

“Then if we wouldn’t live the past again, we wouldn’t live the future neither if we knew it.”

“Why live at all, then?”

“Life has a beginning and an end, we didn’t ask for the beginning, but here we are. We might as well try to enjoy whatever is in between.” David said.

After a moment of silence, David realized it is almost midnight and says “It’s getting late.”

“Yes, I need to wash my clothes.” concluded Eve.

And suddenly they are back to their ordinary lives.

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