Install Official VMware Tools on Arch Linux.

$ git clone
$ cd vmware-tools-patches
$ sudo ./
sudo pacman -S asp
asp checkout open-vm-tools
cd open-vmtools/repos/community-x86_64/
makepkg -s --asdeps
sudo cp vm* /usr/lib/systemd/system
sudo systemctl enable vmware-vmblock-fuse
sudo systemctl enable vmtoolsd
systemctl reboot

Bonus: If you want to add a share folder into your system

Open the Settings for the virtual machine, enable the Shared Folders feature and add a new folder into the software. Your setting menu will look like this:

mkdir <shared folders root directory>
sudo vmhgfs-fuse -o allow_other -o auto_unmount .host:/<shared_folder> <shared folders root directory>
.host:<shared_folder> <shared folders root directory> allow_other,uid=1000,gid=1000,auto_unmount,defaults 0 0



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