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Gamebooks are a fantastic way of providing entertainment. The reader sets out on an adventure, in a fictitious world, and along the way is presented with decisions — some of them hard or moral— culminating in one, or several, finales, or their unfortunate death.

It was a popular genre from the 70s to 90s, and eventually was brought into the digital era. Desktop and mobile apps attempt to recreate the books’ experience, or even improve on it. But there is friction. All of them require an installation of one more app, and then there are learning curves for each. There is also accessibility issues — in most cases you can’t even use a screen reader, or letters are too small, buttons are hard to touch, the user experience will vary.

An opportunity arises

So me and my wife saw an opportunity. We could get rid of installing extra apps. We could get rid of accessibility issues. We could take out the learning curve for each time you want to play a new story in each app. And we could even make it easier for authors to publish stories, without need to purchase software, hire a software developer, or learn complex interfaces to create one in the first place.

Meet Ludiver Stories.

We built a platform that allows authors to create and publish stories, making them available to messaging platforms that users already use.

We started development on the platform in October 2016, and got an initial working prototype quickly, with some basic stories to test the concept. We had some people playing it, and the feedback was good — we’re in business. That was a good sign, and we started to contact authors to create great content. We are very lucky to have two great writers, that were immediately available and curious to try the genre. José Alves de Castro and Heléna Szilágyi each created a story in different genres. “No memory test”, from Castro, already available and ready to play, sets the player in the body of a soldier who has his memory erased. To survive, he will have to use his skills very wisely and defeat the challenges ahead. “Diabolika”, from Helena, and which will be published this weekend in Hungarian and English, has a different setting, and is a playable excerpt of a printed book which will also be published soon. It is set in a world of fantasy with mystical beings.

You can start playing here.

Since it was released, we had a lot of people playing in the platform, and we got great and very positive feedback, and we are slowly starting to gain momemtum.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned for the next articles related to Ludiver Stories, where we will take a look at some numbers and how we can create a fun story in the platform.

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