all European must do like immune system in human body

I opined in an opportunity,

all European must do like immune system in human body

Is real, terrorism and cybercrime have as objective all Europe,

“We are dealing with thousands of potentially radicalized individuals who could carry out those kind of attacks,”

Europol chief on terrorism: Internet more dangerous than Schengen | Conflict Zone

and all European must do like immune system in human body

with the technology of each citizen european as potential agent:

smartphone, laptop, internet, social net,

Step up to the Cognitive Era with Watson for Cyber Security

Ginni Rometty — New Ways of Thinking about Enterprise Security

Dynamic Antidote

by Ricardo Dolinski Garrido

Dynamic antidote online for each threat against cybercrime attacks

Applying cognitive computing located in clouds computing in quantum computers would be possible to track online models of threats, apply its dynamic obfuscation, isolate source of threat and isolate its corresponding action; then it would be possible develop dynamic antidote online for each threat.

A contribution against cybercrime attacks indicated in The 2016 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA)