The Coolest Meetup In Lisbon — Merge #2


If you’re a developer, devops, product guy or in a any way related to the tech and startup scene in Lisbon, we have great news for you ☺

We’re very happy to announce that Merge #2 is happening next month (May 14th), right in the heart of Lisbon (Hotel Florida). Go and register now, as it’s selling out reallllyyyyy fast (100+ and counting)!

Following the mindset of Merge #1, once again we provide world-class speakers on the web development community. Back in September we had the brilliant minds of Marco Cecconi (StackExchange) and Pedro Felix (Sky, ISEL). This time, we’re honored to have PJ Hagerty (EngineYard) and João Duarte (Elastic, previously known as ElasticSearch). This is top notch, we wouldn’t want it otherwise for the amazing Portuguese webdev people.

Why is it the coolest meetup in Lisbon? Oh yeah, not only there’s an amazing vibe, great talks and top-notch speakers, but there’s also free beer! Yep.


18:30 — Welcome, drinks

19:00 — Urban Legends: What You Code Makes You Who You Are, PJ Hagerty(EngineYard), @aspleenic
“If you were a carpenter, would your skills at building be more important than the tools you use to build? Skills, right? Tools are just a means to an end. So why do developers think the language they use defines the problems they solve?”

19:45 — Break

20:00 — Climbing the Knowledge Pyramid with Elastic, João Duarte (Elastic), @jsvd
“This talk will start with a brief introduction to the company now called Elastic: who/where we are and what we do. Then, describe how Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana play together, allowing you to make sense of, analyze and visualize that huge pile of strings our applications constantly dump to disk.”

20:45- Networking (and probably more drinks…)

You can find more info at the event page:

What’s behind this?

Last year, after a week at SXSW, we at RUPEAL decided that we weren’t giving enough back to the community. With that, we went on a mission to provide outstanding content to the web community in Portugal and created Merge Lisbon. It’s all about an awesome vibe, amazing talks and the best speakers in the world. Oh yeah, there’s loads of drinks. 150 people on a 24hr-subway-strike day could only mean more success than we ever imagined. See for youself.

Kwan SmallTalks and other Communities

Even with Merge being such a success, we wanted to provide yet another format with smaller, more focused meetups. That’s why we created KWAN SmallTalks, which are (usually) held in our office to an audience of aprox 30 people. We’re aiming to do it monthly.

Also, we want to help other communities and meetups. There’s so many things happening in the Portuguese tech scene that we feel truly blessed. So, if a meetup needs some helping hand (space, logistics, speakers, ..), we’re here to help. Our office is always open, just drop by (Saldanha) or shout at (

What’s next?

Well, given that it’s selling out fast, if you haven’t done so, please register for Merge #2.

And stay tuned on our SmallTalks by joining this meetup.

See you at Merge #2,
The Community team @ RUPEAL

Note: this article was originally posted at LinkedIn.

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