Self — amusement

What exactly is self amusement?

There is realm in life called: The Realm of the hungy ghosts. In this realm we are always pursuing ghosts. Food ghost, entertainment ghost, conversation ghost. This realm is a lie it seeks something outside always, something non-existent, and this is the realm of anxiety. Self — amusement is the opposite of being a boring person, there is always something to be amused about, simply everything that happens around us is just amazing, our inner states are super weird. How is it possible to feel anxiety and also feel good about it as Alan ?Watts claimed. Self amusement is a state of mind, it is an observation of live and us being a part of it.

The realm of the hungry ghosts consists of a total coping to belong to something, something that will rid us of our liberty, of our unquestionable “aliveness”. Fear of liberty is strongly something in our society. We all have it, and we all have friends that help us get rid of it, even if its just for a while. Buzz is a great friend, also work, altough i think i prefer to forget myself in work, music, or a great endevour other than buzz.

Self amusement is more about giving, it doesn’t need, it already has everything it needs to be self amused about. It really is a kind of state in which everything is absorbed, just for the sake of being able to be present at such a unique moment in time.

Stoicly, it is believed that reality is somehting that need to be faced very much like war, but “amor fati” claims a very different thing, love everything that happens, and this act of loving, of loving everything bad and good is a courageos difiance, it means that pleasure is to be find in every situation, and as marcus aurelious said, not because of the situation itself, but because of the decision that we can choose, how to feel about it, and how we feel about life, will very much influence our self amusemet or lack of it and constant pursue of ghosts.

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