What you give is what you get

I was meditating today and I had a profound realization. I was thinking about all the things that I needed to do, say work, going for a run, texting someone or so. Then, I remembered a video form Preston Smiles in which he claims that what you give is what you get, i did not got to understanding it so profoundly as in the meditation.

We are always looking for something, and that something is almost always two things: to be loved or happiness. But the truth is that everyone is asking for the same thing, love and happiness, everyone’s asking, including myself I confess, all the time for those two things. This is the consumer culture, the taking culture.

We ask it by making lots of money so we attract people into our lives, we ask it by behaving weird in order to take something (love, happiness) we do lots of weird shit to get those things. But we are not going to get it, because it is impossible, cheesy as it sounds, it cannot be found anywhere but inside.

I finally understand the saying happiness is not a destination, happiness is the way. Paradoxically, once you realize that giving is the key to getting, you stop needing what you craved before, and that is because you realize that you had it yourself in the first place. You are responsible for yourself, no one else. Everyone is too busy searching for it, your are love, give love, be love motherfucker.

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