Put Your Own “101 things to do in Taiwan” photos on BRUTUS Issue

Recently Japanese BRUTUS magazine published a special issue focus on “101 Things to Do in TAIWAN”. However the cover photo they choose from a street photo of Tainan which starts a debates of someone thought the street scenes made him embarrassed about messy and storefront signboards. The point of view might have a long story and various aesthetics is always subjective that drive Taiwanese people mad. But here one interesting thing you can involve to this agenda is that if you ever been to Taiwan, you might upload your photos you shoot in Taiwan to transfer a fake Brutus magazine cover photo. It’s fun and people love it. Here is the transform process page: http://twstreet.spotlights.news/

Below are the photos I had shoot in Taiwan some places in recent years. (Due to the transform process the pictures have a little blur.) Enjoy and have fun.

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