Is the right sales channel for your brand? offers a one of a kind opportunity to brand owners whom desire to provide great value and service, to the sites 181 million monthly visitors. As the first company to ever reach $100 billion dollars in sales this platform is not be ignored. Imagine the ability to be able to reach 69% of shoppers in the United States without ever needed to setup or pay rent for a physical location. That is just one of many cost saving advantages the platform has to offer brand owners. No large upfront setup cost or fixed real estate cost sound good?

I wont try to sit here and tell you that Amazon is the end all be all for every brand because there are limitations and disadvantages that must be considered. Brands must be properly managed in way to true to their values and stories as well as market positioning For some brand the Amazon buying experience just would not fit the brands overall experience. Market at Glance

Things to consider

Brand Positioning in the market. What is unique about your brand or product?

Who is your ideal buyer or brand follower?

What are your Brands core values?

Do you have any re-sellers who might take issue with your brand selling direct to customers on Amazon?

Who are your direct competitors? Every brand has a competitor no matter how unique your product is.

What is the core of the brand Experience?

How do you want your buyers to find and buy your product?

Are you ok with buyers receiving your product in a brown Amazon box at their door?

Over the passed three years on the amazon platform i have seen many changes to the platform. I have also seen the influx of so many new sellers. Christmas has also been a great indicate as to the health and the growth of e commerce.

The market and environment

Many brands are reluctant to allow their brands to be sold on marketplace platforms such as due to the fear devaluing the brand with pricing wars. However if done correctly brand owners have tools available on Amazon and off Amazon to protect the brand image and pricing.

I would like to go deeper into some to these topics. Let me know it the comment what your greatest concerns are about the platform

Does it scale?
Brand identity and value?
Are my followers there?
What is the completion like?
Can my team learn the platform?
Best practices on the amazon platform
How does search work?
Advertising strategy

The amazon platform has an arsenal of powerful tools to reach the millions of buyers on the site. We can cover the topics you want to know about most and get into the details of what tools are available to tackle the issue.

Many manufactures and brand owners just don’t know how to effectively list there products on the amazon market. Manufactures just don’t have the time to keep up with tools and strategies to better mange there brand on

We offer a training services to brand owners and manufactures that helps them effectively mange their product offerings and brand reputation on within the ToS.

Save time dealing with less middleman sellers. Ensure your brand value remains high by maintaining better control of pricing and brand image.