Yessss, Tim Falls!
Carrie Melissa Jones

I hope we do have the chance of going back! I have something written about our (extremely positive) experience at CMX that we’ll eventually share, too.

You guys were amazing. David, Evan — big shout out to the big fella —, you… pretty much everyone. Met a lot of interesting people, always ready to share. From Rachel Medanic, to Meghan Modafferi, Suzi Nelson and her ukulele, Jenny from the Block (Jennifer López), Shira Levine… I could go on and on and on. The roster of speakers was incredible: I personally loved meeting and learning from Amir Shevat from Slack, Jono Bacon is someone I already admired from his (and mine, as an avid user) Ubuntu Community days. And then you had Alexis Ohanian on the big(ger) stage, Derek Andersen and, of course, the ever-colourful Scott Shigeoka.

Amazing. Just amazing.

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