Retrospective with Kudo Cards

The adoption of agile methods in companies is very common today, and a subject that also gets a lot of strength is Management 3.0. But after all, what is this?

Management 3.0

According to the site definition Management 3.0 is not another framework, it’s a mindset, combined with an ever-changing collection of games, tools, and practices to help any worker manage the organization. It’s a way of looking at work systems.
It is divided into 6 views:

Management 3.0 Visions

My intention in this article is to demonstrate how I used one of the Energize People vision tools to help the team.

Kudo Cards

The dynamic chosen for the team was the application of Kudo Cards after the delivery of a Sprint.

The goal of the dynamic was to get team members to recognize each other more in an attempt to bring people together and generate more empathy.

After each one writes his Kudo, we stick it on a wall so that it is visible to everyone.

Kudo Wall

The result obtained with Kudo Wall was very rewarding. The team members were able to realize all the good things they had done, and they went on to charge and criticize each other less.

After the momentum was created, Kudo cards were left printed at strategic points of the company and we started to recognize more people in their daily lives.

After the initial retrospective experience, we created a continuous recognition process where once a month the Kudo Box was opened, the Kudo Cards were handed over to the recipients and the person who received the most Kudo Cards won a dinner for him and a companion.

After distribution, each would stick their Kudos on our Kudo Wall, and they would be exposed until the end of the following month. When the new box was opened, each one removed the previous Kudos and could keep it as a memory.

This recognition model has entered the company’s culture and today it is done in a fluid and transparent manner. The opening of Kudo Box has become an event everyone expects, so we can celebrate the acknowledgments that each person receives.

With this simple act of recognition, I realized that people came to recognize each other much more.

And have you used Kudo Cards? Comment on how your experience was.

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