3D print in fashion

The 3d print is a fantastic technology that is changing the way we build things, including clothes. With it, it is possible to create objects from a digital file and craft them in such way that would be not possible otherwise.

Wearable technology is a field that has a great impact on the advance of 3d printing technology because it poses challenges related to the body. It goes way beyond printing cases to house the electronics. For example, the final product should be comfortable and should conform to the body. There are several materials that you can 3d print; from flexible to biodegradable filaments, from plastic to ceramic. Almost every week there is a novelty in this technique, and it does not show any signs that will stop.

This article is only a small fragment of the exciting world of 3d print for fashion. There are so much more out there, and probably I will write more about it. Write on the comments if you know another exciting 3d printed fashion piece.

For now, I want to share few designers that in my opinion are creating one of the most exciting pieces of 3d printed fashion. Here they are!

1. Behnaz Farahi

Behnaz is an Iranian architect that has pushed the boundaries of 3d printing for wearables. She uses this fabrication method to create beautiful textures, many of them inspired by animal fur and hair. Her last project “ bodyscape” explores the topography of the body while generating light patterns that illuminate the garment.

more info: http://behnazfarahi.com/

2. Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch fashiontech star. She uses a lot of 3d print on her designs. Frequently her pieces are presented like armors that should be worn on top of a dress. Always very sexy and with a clear “Anouk” style. She also works in collaboration with artists, architects, and designers like Niccolo Casas, Philip H. Wilck, and Viktoria Modesta.

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more info: http://www.anoukwipprecht.nl/

3. Danit Peleg

The Tel-Aviv based designer Danit Peleg launched a bomber jacket that is completely one in 3d printing. You can buy it on her website. Peleg has been designing 3d printed clothes since 2015, and it is one of the pioneers of the use of this technique in fashion. While she does not innovate much on the design aspect, I believe her biggest contribution is to make this technology more accessible for “normal” clothing.

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more info: https://danitpeleg.com/

4. iris van herpen

Iris Van Herpen has established herself as one of the most innovative figures in fashion nowadays. She is never tired of amazing us with mesmerizing looks that make use of new materials and techniques. Her exquisite couture has already used a lot of 3d printing. Here in this image you see a dress made in collaboration with Niccolo Casas ( yes! He is the master behind many 3d printed fashion)

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more info: http://www.irisvanherpen.com/

5. POPKALAB + Chuic

POPKALAB — a design research studio based in Rotterdam — and Chuic — a cloth brand from Madrid — got together to create an entire 3d printed harness. It uses a flexible filament to create this accessory that comes in a limited edition and will be presented for the first time during AVANTEx 2017 in Paris.

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more info: www.popkalab.com and www.chuic.es

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