Fast Food: America’s Reliable Sweetheart

Thousands of McDonald’s golden arcs shine across the United States and has become a new American staple.Every person has consumed at least one item from the menu when they wanted cheap, yet delicious food. Fast Food is categorized as food that can be prepared quickly and often has little or no nutritional value. The rise of fast food consumption has been a major concern for public health. Politicians everyday have to struggle with legislation that prevents the public’s health from spiraling downward. Soda has been a major topic healthcare providers constantly argue with their patients. Recently Berkeley enforced a new tax on soda that has reduced the amount of soda consumed around the Bay Area. Under the tax, the word “soda” is categorized as any drink that may have high amounts of sugar with carbonation. The tax charges a penny for every per fluid ounce that the company would sell to the store. Only Berkely, and other neighboring cities, have applied this tax so it shocked most of large business owners.Local health organizations have championed the tax because it has made public healthcare much more manageable,but many large businesses have claimed the tax would hurt their profits. Those large corporations argued that small businesses would suffer from this tax because people would less of their sugary products. The claim was proved wrong, but a strange result began to arise. To everyones suprise, water consumption has rocketed only a few weeks after the tax was implemented to all the stores. Although the articles were written months apart, the story shows an unusual storyline that occurred for months. Customers revealed that they purchased other drinks that were offered other than the sugary,carbonated option. This policy is fantastic because the the public will have a financial incentive avoid buying soda and help improve their health.. Public health care will be less chaotic because fewer individuals will suffer health problems from the high consumption of soda. From a financial perspective, taxpayers could see a future lower payment in their healthcare bills lower because less people will be needing to be insured by health care services. Less health care problems, means less demand and shrinkage of health care services. As for financial incentives, the fast food business has a grasp on people’s paychecks week to week.

Fast Food corporations have peaked their heads into the socio economic status of most lower income households. If a researcher asked any adult what their first job was, they are likely to say fast food. The Fast Food Industry , most famous McDonald’s,is known to provide millions of entry level jobs to unexperienced students or adults seeking for work. Although the job requires minimal skill, the salary does not satisfy most of the workers. A debacle occurred in St.Louis,Missouri when the state gave a hopeful promise to lower paid employees. The previous pay was on average seven dollars and fifty cents ,but the state guaranteed to raise it to ten dollars over a weekend. But in a surprise turn, the state betrayed over 30,000 workers and declared they were not raising the minimum wage. Even though the wage raise lasted for almost two months, the workers were enraged their pay raise was revoked.. The state decided to pull back the wage raise in late August after recent town hall meetings to repeal the law. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens stated the wage raise would hurt big businesses. The article then proves other wise because it said local businesses were able to provide the ten dollar salary while remaining stable.If the small businesses could support the pay raise, then McDonald’s could definitely support the pay raise. On an economic standpoint, this affects hundreds and thousands of minimum wage workers. Several fast food industries control of the wages of workers that rely on that money. Some areas have high cost-of-livings ,but the salaries realistically cannot balance with those costs. Families have difficult times affording food and basic necessities that would be considered luxurious items.Something as unreliable as these wages does not help keep a person financially stable in the difficult high standard of living.

A common discussion in regards to the fast food industry is the ethical process of producing the meat. Communities of people choose to live a vegetarian or meatless life to protest against the industry for cruel methods of handling livestock. The Fast Food Industry has tried to find methods of dodging ethical standards enforced by the DEA so they can produce revenue. A fast food chain has found a way to appeal to the vegetarian audience. A company called Impossible Burger, known to produce vegan burgers, has found a way to cook burgers that resemble real meat. Down to the taste of blood , the patties taste like and smell like real burgers from any major fast food chain. This concerns the F.D.A because they are not sure if the process is “safe” for everyone to eat. Consuming meat is a major cultural and ethical problem because want know if their food was prepared ethically. This innovation is important because the vast majority of the United States eats meat so this prototype of meat can show the possible production of food in the future. America is not prepared to leap toward a new era where food can be artificially created with endless combinations. Now,it will take only time to see if Americans will adapt the technology.

Fast Food affects Americans in several aspects that they do not realize. All the resources cited show a common theme of government intervention with fast food industries. The Impossible Burger was unapproved by the FDA because they were not sure the food had any allergens. The Minimum Wage debacle was a state intervention that had fast food influence their decision. A common theme that still lingers is how fast food secretly hides behind these events and jester the outcomes. It is common for the fast food industry to intervene in Congress and manipulate the outcome of legislation. Everyone will be affected because everyone has to eat and work some type of fast food job. College students are most affected because they are exposed to more of the jobs offered by them. They have to buy food that is affordable ,yet accessible to them at any given point. As we drive to work or go to school, those bright neon signs we associate with happiness and food guide our lives more than we think.

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