Micheal Adegbite is reported killed after advertising his apple laptop on Gumtree

Multiple crime cases are reported these days. However it has majorly seen that victims who are fighting back get injured, and identical type of crime is recently reported on 19 July 2015.

According to highlights Micheal Adegbite 29, who was designated as teacher assistant was stabbed to death by three robbers, as he is defending back to save his laptop, he has recently advertised on gum tree for the purpose of sale.
Who were these three robbers? What were their intentions to be there at the crime scene? Why did they choose Micheal A debate? Did they have any criminal record? All of these are answered in details.

Deeper approach to the case has shown that Micheal Adegbite, young and just 29 years of age was working as a teacher assistant. He was interested in selling out his Apple MAC book. Therefore he advertised it on the gum tree which is considered as one of the leading websites for online selling and purchasing.

He was then contacted by an interested buyer who agreed and persuaded him to do meeting outside on the road and Micheal Adegbite reach the scene with his friends and Mohammed Umer, one of his friend presence is clearly mentioned. Three defendants Christopher Nzeh, Montel Ajai and Owen Brady try to steal the Apple Mac book from Adegbite, but he and his friends stood firm and did not let the murderers took their laptop.
On their resistance and following back the defendants Christopher Nzeh took out the knife, he was carrying and stabbed Micheal Adegbite in the heart, and therefore Adegbite get killed.

The killers are reported being part of various such crimes and mostly target the people who have advertised their equipment’s for online selling, and therefore they are arrested, and the case has been filed against them.
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