Hypotenuse, High Pot Noosed!

By Ricardo Medley

I am the darkness floating in between.

Seems like I just float in between subsisting in existing resisting madness,

Barely alive, wandering in wondering, pondering the profound,

Slow down,

Round and round and round and round,

Be merry,

Go round,

Cycling through,


Test dummy, an object, to abject, in defect, a crash test,

For I am the Hypotenuse on this polygon pyramid,

You’re fear spirited,

Not Free spirited,

As you chain smoke,

High on Pot, noosed!


Inspired by Key and Peele — Reading this poem could be followed by a like, a like that could be followed by a share, a share that could then be followed by a follow, a kinetic karma in constant connection, so that I may to, get to know you.