Modern Mary

by Ricardo Medley


“Shit, no no no! There has to be a solution. Our numbers are dwindling down by the thousands.”

“Sir, we have tried every testing simulation possible”

“I don’t give a damn you impudent fool,” pushing him over as started typing nervously on the keyboard.

“We have been working on this project for years now, surely we can revive it somehow.”

“Sir, this is the eighteenth time we will be forced to revive this specimen, the uh, the chances are that she will still come out with several defects in the genetic code. If not some sort of deformity, surely some disease. I mean measles, HIV, cancer. Surely, forcing the genome together is not an option without producing fatal abnormalities.”

“Dammit, another three billion credits down the drain,” staring at the specimen floating in the tank who seemed no more alive than before.

“Dr. Lyon H.…Dr. Lyon H.!”

“What,” slamming his hand on the holomonitor.

“This is our forty second attempt in creating a self-sustaining reproductive life form,” he meekly said pushing up his glasses as he looked down at his holomonitor. “We must inform UNIR (United Nations Initiative for Reproduction), maybe they will be able to send us another grant.”

“They don’t get it, it’s not the money that’s the problem. We have yet to come across a genetic sample from generation Z. There are simply no women on the planet who are able to produce an offspring. This is a plague my friend, a plague unlike the world has ever seen,” Dr. Lyon H. bows his head tugging at his hair in frustration.

“Well the United Nations initiative for reproduction have been searching the mating camps for a viable specimen. They are enlisting everyone over the age of seventeen into the mating camp. They would mate every woman over the age of twelve, but there is a conflict of human rights,” as he dug in his pocket searching for his cigarettes.

“This goes way beyond human rights SF Ali, this is about the survival of mankind. In 2116 alone we had three billion people on the planet, hell about a hundred years ago we were worried about over population. Now the converse, mankind as we know it is on the brink of extinction,” he looks down at the pack of camels.

“Care for a smoke, it calms the nerves,” lifting the pack toward to the Doctor.

“You know I quit, but then again I failed at that as many times as I’ve run these experiment. Come on not in here,” he beckons him to follow him as they walks to the lab door.

“Well the good news is, is that we have had about two hundred thirty nine incoming women applicants, with their spouses and lovers of course, but that should be enough to find at least one promising viable sample,” SF Ali says, cigarette in his mouth as he pats his body searching for his lighter. Lyon H. then lights his cigarette.

“You left it on the desk,” as he lit his cigarette as well, not blowing out until he stepped out onto the balcony. “We simply need a woman that can get pregnant. I don’t understand how on a massive scale the woman reproductive system could just stop working. If the sample is defective, then so will be the clone. We will just continue to produce human beings that are just unsustainable. Science has tried to play God SF Ali, but some things should just be left to God, and now over these past fifteen years he has been punishing us. There are some people who think we are in the end of days,” he smiles as he looks down and chuckles.

“What’s the joke Doc,” he questioned him as he took yet another drag.

“It’s just ironic SF Ali. It’s Ironic because as long as I could remember man has often placed women below himself, but at present we value her more than anything. It’s funny huh,” lifting his cigarette to his mouth taking yet another drag.

“Maybe, God is showing us something,” SF Ali replies as he flicks his cigarette over the balcony.

“Yeah, well the message is more than crystal SF Ali. The message is clear as day. Tomorrow, we’ll contact the President and see if we can manage to get more funds from the UNIR. Hopefully the next batch of women will be fertile.” Lyon H. said as he walked back into the lab.