My Dad Died, So I Hacked a Fantastic Novel

Greetings Mediumites,

Just like the rest of you, for some reason, I have become addicted to medium. If medium had a definition it would be — Medium-Blogging barriers lifted; write, edit, publish — for essentially, it really is just that. Due to this what I write today will be hacked out without any worry of formatting.

The Novel

Well, although some of you may know, or may not know; I don’t know. I will be releasing my novel: Modern Mary part 1 on medium. In doing this I have also taken liberties of @- ting people on medium in the novel, replacing the original characters. I mean why not. Let’s revolutionize story telling in the way that we write books, with the new tools that we have. I haven’t seen anyone else on medium do it, so not to brag, but I believe I was the first to brooch the idea. I just thought that by @- ting people into the novel was a fantastic idea. Just basically, loads more interesting. Already out is the…

  1. Prologue
  2. Modern Mary: Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.2 will be dropping later on today. I had to break the chapters up into parts due to the fact that they were so long. I just didn’t want to overwhelm anyone here. I just want to create a parallel reality. I have read a lot of people sharing their feelings here on medium. Many of those I commend, and I thought I’d release some of my novel to maybe put them in a different space. For, when my father died in 2012, I was 22, and I started hacking out my first novel. It was my portal into a new dimension, and it was the only way I could go on an adventure, without money. I was in desperate need of reprieve. So I wrote a lot. Like A LOT A LOT A LOT…ALTO!

Haha, Alto. Well, in a sense I guess you could say the novel got tall. In fact, it is a tall order, and after which, it made me see, writing a novel is not easy. But I have strayed from the path. Humph! However, writing this seems to be a sped fast invigorating flame essence needed; a whip to my back, if you will. I can’t give up, due to the fact that the original reason I started writing was because of my Dad. That was the coals in the fires of my heart that pushes me, as coal does the pistons of a steam engine. So I thank you all, and the medium staff for this opportunity.

Modern Mary, has now been marinating in my USB for over a year now, it has been so long since I have seen her, but now I wish to share at least part 1 with all of you. To be honest, I need some motivation, as I am 40 chapters into the novel, and has yet to finish a first draft. So close, yet so far. That one line weighs heavy on my heart. The father you get in writing a novel become less physical work, and more mental work. You must read it, over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Connecting all the little nuances, justifying the story, and dotting the i’s crossing the t’s blah blah blah. Such an egregious process, but I need to finish.

List of reasons why I need to finish this Novel

  1. For my dad
  2. For my Family
  3. To Overcome FosterCared past
  4. For my soul

All things on the list are important, but I just want to talk about overcoming the FosterCare past. With that said, living in 21 homes, through 21 experience moving to many different schools gave me a sense and belief that I will never finish anything. I mean, due to this sporadic lifestyle, it is hard for me to remain steady with anything. In all honesty, writing is the only consistent thing in my life, due to the fact that I just love doing it. However, things like keeping a consistent job, for me, is just not a reality. I blame this on my upbringing, and no one is to blame, not even my father.

My father was a great guy stricken with bipolar disease. When I was younger, I loved hanging out with him. He was the best, but for some reason when I got older I just didn’t have the time. I got too busy. And then he died. And then I regretted it. So much so, now we have a novel, MODERN MARY. All the chapters, motivated by keeping a busy mind, and ultimately not to reconcile my feelings.