The Traveler and The Monk

by Ricardo Yusef Medley

Journeying across the world, I searched for a teacher to teach me balance. Along this journey, I met a monk. Intuitively, he snatched curiosities from my mind, asking,”What would you rather do? Walk a thin line, or skate on thin ice.”

“Walk a thin line, of course,” I smiled, thwarting his riddle. With a weighted gaze, he sighed, “You will never achieve balance my friend.”

“You’re foolish!” I spat. My words were harsh, yet he smiled happiness, like a toad in rain.

“Your heart is directed right, but to achieve balance, you must first have balanced mind.”

Stroking my beard, his abrasive words smoothed into understanding.

Nonetheless still, I found his logic paralleled swiss cheese.

“I don’t think you seek insult, great monk,” I realized,”But I beg your pardon, wouldn’t I just fall through the ice rather if I am balanced or not?”

“But that’s where you’re wrong, I do seek insult,” he snickered, “Lose some weight you fat fuck!”

Slapping my stomach, he heckled away hobbling away. He was indeed a wise monk.