I agree, and almost every shot that I posted on Dribbble was given a lot of care on trying to make…
Michael Abehsera

Then you’re missing the point of Dribbble.

And once again, why would you care if your shots get votes, or not? I don’t blame you, I do like social validation, but if my shots don’t get votes on Dribbble, I honestly care two cans of pelican farts, or less, about that.

I use Dribbble as a portfolio engine as far as my design work is concerned.

If you spent 3 hours on a design, that’s great. Did you learn in that process? The answer better be a solid effin’ Yes! If you spent 3 hours on a design to post it on Dribbble only to get votes… read my first sentence.

And who cares if others do it anyway?… Who cares.