9 Social Media Friends Who Made My 2015

After a lot of re-thinking and planning, I have now split up my blogging activity in two different parts. On this blog, being a part of my translation website, I will mainly focus on blog articles about social media that is relevant for translators as well as other translation focused articles. My wine articles you can now find at my new blog Grapevine Adventures. Some wine-related thing might still be discussed on both blogs, such as my fairly new online event Wines Of Italy Blab, which is a blab happening every Tuesday at 9 pm CET. The newsletter you can sign up to here will mainly talk about translation and social media. For those of you who want to read in Italian, that is, of course, possible too. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my blog articles and if you have any questions or comments about what you want to read more about, just drop me a line.

My Year With Social Media for Translation and Wine

So right now while writing this article, I am listening to the blab How to Get Your Book Published in 2016 with Joel Comm as a host. They are talking about how it is all about relationships, i.e. creating relationships and how there is room for all of us even if we are writing about the same topic. We should not see each others as competitors but rather as potential collaborators. Of course, you might think what this has to do with translation and wine? Well, apart from the fact that I am thinking about writing a short book about Italian wine next year, or, at least, planning, to do so, I wanted to stress how important relationships are online as well as offline. During this year, I have realized how powerful also online relationships and collaboration can be and how they can help you and lift you higher. This is, of course, nothing new, we all know that if we have supportive people around us everything gets so much easier. And in the daily life, offline, we all have those friends and people who push us to move forward, gives us support and help us to stand out.

This article is a way of throwing the spotlight on some persons that have been important to me and my development during this year. It is also a way of saying thank you for your support. Some of them I might have already mentioned in other previous blog articles, anyway, I hope they do not mind to get mentioned again here. Some of them have helped me learn much more about social media and how to enhance my wine blogging activity as well as getting visibility for my translation business. Some of them feel like friends, even if we have never met in person yet. Now I, of course, am not a social media expert at all, and I do not pretend to be one either. However, I like to read up and follow people in the social media world who knows what they are talking about and from whom you can learn. As I, in general, tend to like theory, probably as a result of being an ex-academic, I listen, write down what literature the social media people are reading and talking about, and then read it myself. As in historical research, it is all about reading and then finding a model that suits you and your goal. As in most areas that I focus on, I always try to push myself to move forward and better understand new trends. At least, I can in my small translation business and wine blogging activity adapt some of the new methods and trends in order to gain better visibility. This, according to me, is something we should all strive to do. It really does not take as much time as you might think, it is all in developing an efficient strategy and dedicating half an hour every day to plan and reply to comments and messages.

9 Social Media Peeps to Follow

As said, below I will present 9 friends on social media who have been important to me during the last year. They are almost all of them people I have gotten to know better while interacting on different social media platforms with them (mostly on Twitter), talking to them on skype, or by taking a course with them. Here I will not list them in order of importance or size of followers, but rather in a random order. This list may be less interesting for most of you already being quite into the social media world, but for those of you, perhaps fellow translators, who are still unsure about how to get more visibility and results it can be useful.

1. Robert Moore

About a year ago, I came in contact with Robert Moore while tweeting about Italian wine. Earlier this year, he actually pushed me to go to Rimini and meet Bryan Kramer in person at a web marketing event. Furthermore, he is helping me so much with my wine blab, that I am forever grateful to him. Robert Moore is the founder of OneQube.com, SpiderQube.com, and TweetChat.com and the person to follow in order learn more about Twitter. TweetChat.com makes it easy to follow and participate in a Twitter chat. For those of you already being experienced users of Twitter, SpiderQube.com is a great tool for Twitter analytics and to grow your Twitter account.

2. Kelly Hungerford

Kelly Hungerford is a social brand manager, digital marketer, community builder and strategist. She is the founder of the Twitter chat #BizHeroes and was its moderator and Community Builder until recently. Kelly was previously Head of Marketing for Paper.li. Participating in the #BizHeroes chat, I got to know Kelly better by exchanging tweets. When I was thinking about setting up a Twitter chat about wine, I asked her for advice and she has been so kind giving me a lot of tips and support. In the end, Kelly and Robert advised me to start a blab instead. They are great as mentors and always take the time to reply and be helpful even if they are very busy people. You should definitely follow Kelly to stay updated on the latest trends in digital marketing and community building.

3. Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer launched the Human to Human concept early in 2014, i.e. how there no longer is any B2B or B2C, but it’s all H2H and thus you today need to humanize your brand. Some month ago I listened to some translators here in Italy having attended a course about branding and social media, where the speaker had talked about the need to humanize your brand. So even if this seems like on another level and not pertinent for us translators, often being solopreneurs, you see that it is indeed very important. Therefore, I would stress that it is essential also for small entrepreneurs to learn how to be “human” and become more connected with their clients. A nice and easy way to get tips about the new trends on how to humanize your brand is to follow the #H2HChat with Bryan Kramer on Twitter on Mondays.

4. Jone Bosworth

Jone Bosworth is another person I have gotten to know via Twitter and we share and support each others articles. Jone is a strategic consultant who you can read more about on her website inCourage Leading, LLC. There she also has a blog where she writes about leadership, and very often about female leadership. She has a series of articles where she presents Fearless Females. Earlier in May, she asked if she could write about me on her blog in this series, I was very honored and, of course, said yes. Jone wrote a very nice article, Stand Up for Yourself, and I am very grateful to her for that. Even though I really do not see myself as a fearless female or in a leadership role, only quite determined. Even if we have never met, yet, it feels like we are real life friends.

5. Cindy Hooker

Via Jone Bosworth I came in contact with Cindy Hooker, who is a leadership and business coach. Cindy also has a podcast, Talk it up with Cindy, and a blog in connection with that. After Jone’s article about me, Cindy asked me if I wanted to write a guest article on her blog Grit & Grace: Stories of Women’s Journeys. Again, I felt very honored to be asked to guest blog. This has been a great way to get to know Cindy better and to continue supporting each other and share value on social media. Just as in the case with Robert, Kelly and Jone here, Cindy also feels like a friend even if we yet have never met in person.

4. Kim Garst

When it comes to tips & tricks about how to master social media in general, Kim Garst is definitely a person to follow. Even though she has a huge amount of followers and is considered one of the top Influencers and experts on social media marketing, she is very nice and takes the time to reply to you if you write to her. She offers a lot of free training material, webinars and ebooks to help you get started and figure out how to better use social media for your business. Sign up to her newsletter or read her blog every now and then, it will help you for sure. Another option is to join her Social Selling Inner Circle to get access to a lot of training, support and help from Kim and her team.

5. Sue B. Zimmerman

More or less a year ago, the name Sue B. Zimmerman turned up one day when I was looking for info about how to use Instagram. I had no idea who she was as I had never heard of her before. However, I signed up for her newsletter and continued to check her out every now and then. After a couple of months, it became clear that she is the go-to person, TheInstagramExpert, when it comes to learning how to use Instagram. This autumn she was launching the Insta-Academy together with Jenn Herman, so I decided to sign up even if it was a bit pricey for me in that period. However, it was one of the best decisions this year, I learned really a lot. Still I am learning by going through the course material over and over again when I have time. So if you are not following Sue B. Zimmerman yet, head over to Instagram and do so because she gives a lot of value every day.

6. Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman did the course Insta-Academy together with Sue B. Zimmerman, and even if I had seen her name around before, I really only started reading her blog and getting to know her better when I attended their Instagram course. She is very knowledgeable about Instagram and social media in general, and she is very kind and supportive, just as Sue B. Zimmerman. If you have a question, you can just write them and they reply and try to help. Furthermore, I get their support on my Instagram accounts and I, of course, follow and support them in return. Would you like to learn more about Instagram and strategies you should definitely follow Jenn and Sue B.

7. Vanessa Santoni

So I know I am almost only mentioning American social media contacts, but during this year, they have been my most dynamic and supportive online friends. However, I want to mention Vanessa here who is always supportive of my wine blog articles and we exchange a lot of wine talk and news. She is also a translator, and I knew of her before, but I honestly had no clue that she is also a sommelier until about 1,5–2 years ago when we started tweeting about wine together. She knows a lot about wine, so if you are interested in Italian wine or wine, in general, you should definitely follow her.

8. Tamara McCleary

Attending some Twitter chats, Tamara McCleary often showed up as a guest or participating in the chats, and I started retweeting some of her posts which lead to a contact with her. Tamara McCleary is a Relationshift expert and coach as well as a speaker. She has a lot of interesting knowledge and experience to share which often makes you think deeper and reflect on your own situation. Tamara is always very sweet and replies if you write to her and definitely one of the Top Influencers, just as many of the others mentioned here, to follow on social media.

9. Amy M. Cannatta

Right now I cannot really pinpoint how I got in contact with Amy M. Cannatta but I think it was via another social media friend, Liz DaRosa. Amy is a business coach and chiropractor. We had a skype call almost right after having made contact on Facebook or Twitter, and it was really nice to talk to her. She was supportive already from the beginning and she is always making an order in my sometimes many and blurry ideas and thoughts. Every now and then we have talked again, and she is always asking how things are going and being very positive. So I definitely feel like she is a friend too even if we have never met in person, but hopefully, someday we will meet.


There are so many other people who have also given me support throughout this year, and I would like to mention you all, but I fear the list would be very long. I do thank you all. And for the rest, I hope we will continue supporting each other throughout next year too and have a lot of fun together.

Happy New Year to You All!

Written by Katarina Andersson.

Originally published at katarina-andersson.com on December 31, 2015.