• Mike Rubini

    Mike Rubini

    Running 5+ SaaS in parallel at https://rubini.solutions — Italian entrepreneur👨🏻‍💻 and jazz player 🎷 — Known for building fast ⚡️

  • toneapi


    Agencies, brands and content creators - get better results with emotion, sentiment and action analysis. Visit http://toneapi.com for early access!

  • Mathias Adam

    Mathias Adam

    Founding design @UltrahumanHQ Kayrros Sr. Product Designer. Former @cowboy_hq @blackpills @flat_io / @Soundrop

  • Solène Maître

    Solène Maître

    Co-founder & Product @perfarmer #agritech

  • Gaultier Laperche

    Gaultier Laperche

    Entrepreneur, web hacker, back-country skier

  • Jim Gray

    Jim Gray

    Engineer & data scientist, specializing in marketing automation, customer issues, and repeatable growth processes. https://grayj.co

  • Viral Jogani

    Viral Jogani

    software engineer @capitalone

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