One of the challenges for a scrum team is to perceive a connection between the development effort required to build software features and their impact both to the user experience and the company business.

Since July 2019, when I switched to a Product owner role to lead the evolution of a logistics booking tool towards an e-commerce b2b approach, I thought that the development team would have benefit to follow closely the outcome of their work, especially during the tool first launch.

Although tools such as Google Studio dashboards can beautifully quantify the users’s actions in details and highlight trends…

How many times during a single day do we glance at our phones, watches, computer monitors, or information screens on the bus or metro to check the time? And how little attention do we pay to the font used or to the overall design of a clock when our main concern is something else entirely?

In the last few months, I’ve been working on building an object that can make checking the time an interaction slightly more meaningful, maybe a bit less efficient, but definitely more engaging.


Instaclock consists of two identical wooden units each equipped with a 7"…

Approximately a year ago I attended the 2 days long event in Copenhagen called UX camp. The programme consisted in both keynotes presented by well known professionals such as Toke Barter (UsTwo) and Mike Montero, and sessions in which volunteers could talk about any topic related to UX.

Among the 3 sessions I’ve attended, the 0ne presented by a team of UX working at Designit made me reflect upon the whole purpose of user experience design. The 45 mins session was about a project, not designed for a specific client, that explores how Internet of Things can be applied to…

Riccardo Cereser

Product Owner and Experience Designer. Illustrator. Ex Account Manager @Facebook Dublin, now based in Copenhagen

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