Why being on a diet is the most difficult challenge I face.


And let’s be honest. I haven’t succeeded at it either. I was going to name this post ‘The reason why I’ve failed every single time I’ve tried to go on a diet’ but that would be me being a pessimist. I did acknowledge the fact that I am one, but I’m trying to better myself.

Except when it comes to food. Delicious, fortified with calories food. Carbs. Fats. and not the good kind. I feel full and bloated right now because, not only did I indulge in my sister’s want for fast food, but I also ate a second dinner of dumplings and cake. I’m trying to drink water because I must try and get rid of all the extra sodium I’ve polluted my body with, but I can’t. I’m that full. I’m a glutton.

I have been successful at quitting a lot of ‘bad things’. Cold turkey is what made me successful at it, but sugar is something that I find so difficult to quit. I start every single day with the same mind-set. I will succeed today. I drink my coffee without sugar. I try and eat a healthy oats/ whole wheat/ eggs kind of breakfast, try and choose something nutritious and healthy for lunch and at times, I even make decent dinner choices, but when the clock strikes 9, all hell breaks loose. I’m craving for cake/ chocolate/ anything that can satisfy my need for sugar.

And that’s when I fail.

It may sound hilarious and even stupid to say that I am addicted to sugar, but it is the absolute truth. All those hours I spend at the gym, well a lot less in the last few months, goes down the drain. It’s an addiction I cannot seem to shrug off. If you’ve wandered in the commonwealth and have been alerted that you were addicted to a certain substance, all you need to do is take ‘Addictol’ and you’re sorted. No, I don’t play Fall Out 4, but I watch Captain America play. He’s probably addicted to the game, but that’s my fault. I’m the genius who decided that an Xbox One was the perfect Christmas present. Perfect for him, not so perfect for me. But that’s on me.

And so is this. I’ve read every paper, every book, every blog, spoken to every person who successfully lost a bunch a weight for whatever reason (their wedding seems to be the most common source of motivation) on how to lose weight. And no. It’s not really about crazy work-outs. It’s 80% diet and 20% excercise. Sigh.

I read a post today where someone committed to losing 40kgs. Sounds like quite a lot, but she acknowledged the fact that it’s a monumental task and that she will take baby steps and set small goals that will help her achieve her target weight. That really is the right way to do it. It’s the right way to approach any problem. Small steps. I’ve also learnt that it’s not something you do to achieve a short term goal. It’s a lifestyle change that you need to incorporate to be healthy. Her baby step is to cut out processed foods. Mine is to find this magical elixir called ‘Addictol’.

Will I ever succeed at losing these inches of fat I’ve piled on from stuffing my face with dessert and fried food? I hope so. And don’t tell me that ‘you have one life and you should live it the way you want to’. Such advice is usually given by people who can’t succeed at their own weight loss goals and don’t want to see you achieve yours. Don’t deny it. I’ve done it. I’m pretty sure you have, too.