From the Founders Desk:

“15 years has really flown by fast since we opened the first Brix Wood Ford Pizza in downtown Lombard, IL. It has been a rewarding journey filled with ups, downs, and surprises. But most of all it’s been a learning experience like no other.

When we opened in 2005 there were only 5 wood fired brick ovens serving Neapolitan style pizza in all of Chicagoland. Today there are over 150! Bricks has grown to 8 locations with a 9th opening soon in LaGrange, IL and the 10th opening in Clearwater, FL in September. …

Ric Gruber Jr

Owner/Development Director @BillyBricksHQ. IP & Franchise attorney licensed in IL & CA. Co-founded: @Brandless @VentureFWDio @fundconference.

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