CES 2016 — How to Survive, Eat Well & Stay Sober — Day 1.

It feels good to be back in Las Vegas, NV for CES because it was this time last year that Jonathan and I announced the launch of the new Openlegal website. This year I have a different approach and a different mindset. I feel as if all of my physical and mental training has gone into this event, to not only survive, but to thrive, at CES (kidding, but for anyone who has walked CES for the entire convention you understand your feet will thank you for any preparations you have made).

The challenge with traveling for work, especially when it’s to places like Vegas and free food and drinks are included at almost every event, is to eat well and stay sober. I’m going to share my days with you at CES to prove that it’s possible.


Breakfast — I arrived at CES at 8:30 am, fortunately I had pre-made my breakfast back in Chicago. Two eggs, 1 slice of gluten free toast, 1 cup of Starbucks.

Snack 1–100 calorie Cliff bar.

Up arrival we kicked off day 1 activities with Jonathan speaking on a panel at the Silicon Valley LaunchFEST.

Lunch — We went to the Cantina at the Tuscany Suites and I ordered a bowl of the vegetable soup. Very good, very filling, added benefit was I had the cheapest meal at the table.

We followed up the LaunchFEST with a stop by the Spotify party at the Aria to hear HoundMouth.

Dinner —More difficult given we bounced around from one party to the next, however, at the Spotify event at the Aria I had two squash and pepper tacos, soft corn tortillas. While corn is one of the worst things you can eat, the tortillas are gluten free so that was a 1/2 win. I added only onions and hot sauce to the tacos.

Next was a quick stop over at the Tech.co event at the Golden Spike, but the line was around the block (good for them, bad for us) so we went to the AT&T Party at Rain Night Club @ The Palms…this did not disappoint. We saw: Mark McGrath, Fred Durst, Dave Navarro, Billy Idol & ZZ Top. Yes, you read that correctly.

At the AT&T party…more free drinks, more free food. I did limit myself to 1 vegan hot dog, no bun, no toppings other than green chili peppers.

Over the course of the evening I encountered no less than 80% drunk people around me at any given time, however, I remained sober the entire time. How did I do it? I chugged 2 large SmartWater bottles as well as consumed many club sodas. You can see the posts I’ve shared here from the evening and you can decide whether or not I still had a good time. As far as I’m concerned, it was one of the best nights I can remember because I felt healthy and having a clear mind allowed me to take in ever second of the fun and excitement. It was a night I won't soon forget!

AT&T Opening Night Party at Rain at The Palms.

Owner/Development Director @BillyBricksHQ. IP & Franchise attorney licensed in IL & CA. Co-founded: @Brandless @VentureFWDio @fundconference.

Owner/Development Director @BillyBricksHQ. IP & Franchise attorney licensed in IL & CA. Co-founded: @Brandless @VentureFWDio @fundconference.