CES 2016 — How to Survive, Eat Well & Stay Sober — Day 2.


Breakfast — Woke up early and went down to Vince Neal’s Restaurant at our hotel, Circus Circus. I had 3 scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of sausage with tabasco and 1 cup of coffee.

After breakfast, I had to get some work done before a workout and then off to the first day of the Convention with a cup of Starbucks black coffee in hand!

What a great workout in under an hour! Followed up with a quick #TeamLacey meeting.

But the day only got better from here. Last year, I took a cab from the hotel to the Convention Center. This year, I walked it…and it felt great.

Lunch — With all the activities of the day, I didn’t get a well-balanced lunch. Never fear, Cliff Bar to the rescue and a lot of water to hold me over. . Perhaps it was all the excitement?

We wrapped up the day with a VERY nice dinner at Thai St. Cafe; I highly recommend. But, could it be healthy and delicious? No. It can’t. It was healthy, spicy AND delicious. The trifecta. I had the larb & it was Lacey Stone approved. If you thought the food was the best part of the meal you’d be wrong. Thai St. Cafe wasn’t without its laughs as well.

Finally, the day ended with a 5-hour work session. The whole team was so productive tonight it almost brought a tear to my eye.


  • 12-minute treadmill interval cardio. (4 mins at 50%, then 8, 15 second sprints at 100% with 10 seconds of rest in between and 2 mins at 70%).

  • 1-minute of free standing squats
  • 1-minute of bicep curls and lat extensions with band
  • 1-minute wall sit
  • 1-minute of pushups
  • 1-minute of triceps dips
  • 30x back to back rotating with 10 lb medicine ball

Thank you for reading. See you soon.

Owner/Development Director @BillyBricksHQ. IP & Franchise attorney licensed in IL & CA. Co-founded: @Brandless @VentureFWDio @fundconference.

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