CES 2016 — How to Survive, Eat Well & Stay Sober — Day 3.


Big shoutout to Sprig Chicago for their support. Sprig will be sponsoring my Fitness Challenge Team’s meals to help us on our journey.

Breakfast — I was subjected to the hotel buffet because it was the only place open for breakfast. While a complete waste of money, I was able to get a an omelette with 3 eggs and tomatoes, onion, jalapenos, green peppers and spiced up a bit more with some tabasco and cup of coffee.

I also added two sausage links and one slice of cantaloupe. After, the team went back to our room to get some work done. However, before heading over to the Sands Expo Center, I hit the gym; another great workout in under an hour!

It felt great to walk most of the afternoon as well. When your mindset has completely changed it’s amazing how your actions change. This year, my favorite stops were the Fitness exhibits.

None more impressive and potentially game changing than the Peloton Cycle. UNREAL. I can’t wait to get mine.

It was also a pleasant surprise to run into Justin from Autonomous AI — makers of the Autonomous desk, the desk I have in my office.

Lunch —with all the excitement, I missed lunch again. I did stay hydrated and snacked on a Cliff Bar and dried mango.

Dinner —Couldn’t help myself, I had dinner AGAIN at Thai St. Cafe; I highly recommend. Tonight I had the Spicy Basil — chicken, garlic, bell peppers, basil, onions, and green beans.

But, that couldn’t be how we ended the day, could it? I mean, at midnight it was officially my 30th birthday! The night definitely didn’t end there. We went back to the hotel room and the team worked till about 12:30 am then headed over to see Stu Grubbs from Infiniscene and head out to Hakkasan at the MGM Grand.

Turns out, it wasn’t just my birthday, it was Lil Jon’s birthday as well, ha.

But, was I sober? 100% and I not only enjoyed every minute of the evening but I was the last one to leave because we were having such a good time.


  • 20-minute treadmill interval cardio. (4 mins at 50%, 4 mins at 75%, then 8, 15-second sprints at 100% with 10 seconds of rest in between and 4 mins at 70%).

Each of the below completed two times

  • 1-minute of free standing squats
  • 1-minute of bicep curls and lat extensions with band
  • 1-minute wall sit
  • 1-minute of incline press
  • 1-minute of lat presses

Thank you for reading. See you soon.