CES 2016 — How to Survive, Eat Well & Stay Sober — Day 4.

DAY 4 — The Final Day

Breakfast — After spending my birthday with Lil Jon for his birthday, I missed breakfast. Five hours of sleep is NOT a good idea while trying to lose weight and get in shape but it happens and this was for good reason.

Lunch — moved from the Circus Circus over to the Flamingo Hotel and grabbed lunch at the Carlos & Charlies in the Hotel. The food was just average but I was able to get a cup of coffee and tacos. The Tacos were gluten free and sin dairy. I also donated my rice and beans to the table. If you continue to follow me you will see many of my meals that are eaten out will be at Mexican restaurants because they provide so many options when eating gluten and dairy free.

The rest of the day was spent walking and checking out CES one last time. I really enjoyed the last day and checking up on PaskyGruber LLC // Openlegal client, Lynktec.

I also met the great team from ZNitro who hooked me up with a tempered glass cover for my iPhone6 that can withstand a hammer! To top that off, they gave me a clear, slim case for my phone because it was my birthday — double win.

The major question of the day — where to have my 30th birthday dinner?

Dinner — Upon recommendation from my mother-in-law, we decided to try Mon Ami Gabi, and let’s face it, can you go wrong with a Lettuce Entertain Your restaurant?

Of course, I didn’t have drinks, but I did share the shrimp cocktail and I had the salmon for my entree. Extremely delicious and HEALTHY. The reason I’m sharing this is because the decision to get healthy isn’t always about where you decide to eat, it often comes down to the choices you make once you’re there. Living well does not mean you need to be a hermit. Don’t believe me? Here are the pictures to prove it and you tell me if there’s anything I should feel I’m missing:

We took the 30th party out to the downtown area of Las Vegas, my favorite area, after dinner. First stop, Gold Spike. If you’ve never been, I suggest you make a stop there. It features live music, bonfires, garbage can size cups with soccer balls for “beer pong,” tennis tables, huge chess set, bocci ball, and much more. Next, we took a stroll down Fremont St. and finally stopped at the Fremont Casino to play a bit of craps.

I think we had fun, don’t you?


Okay. Don’t judge, but, a workout didn’t happen on day 4. HOWEVER, check the stats below. Walking around Vegas and CES is a workout in and of itself. I know, I know, I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow.

I don’t think Team Jorge’s 10k steps a day is going to cut it. #TeamLacey #FTW

Thank you for reading. See you soon.