My First Medium Post: I’m Going on the Steve Harvey Show

What better way to make a splash onto a content publishing platform that I’m adopting than to drop a line about going on TV? *micdrop*

But, in all honesty, I will be going on the Steve Harvey Show this Friday, January 8th (my 30th Birthday) at 2pm CT on Ch 5! Be sure to set your DVR’s and get ready for a fun journey with me, my team, and watch while we change our lives in just 8 weeks! #SteveHarvey #TeamLacey

Jorge Cruise next to Steve Harvey in the middle and our coach, Lacey Stone on the right.

Have to give my first round of thanks to my coach Lacey Stone along with Candy Morales and the rest of the team at FlyWheel for being amazing in their support of my team. Our team is putting it’s full faith and confidence in Lacey’s “8 Weeks to Change” program because it’s not just about the 8 weeks, it’s about changing our lives FOREVER. More than changing my life, this process is making me realize a lot regarding the changes I wanted to make for myself, for my family, for my career and how I can use this opportunity as a platform to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I will be posting, at a minimum, weekly, regarding our progress and I hope you’ll decide to follow me and my team across our social channels.

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