Open Letter from a Bernlary Supporter
Chris Hon

You people are so ridiculous.

Hillary lost its over.

She lost because ahe is crooked which makes people hate her.

Berney is a hypocrate.

An old man an unworthy of a productive persons trust.

Bernie perpetuates a thought that we all have to eork hard and contribute.

Donald Trump got lucky to have these two idiots be hisd only challenge.

Please let these two self serving vote chasers go away. Its time for the democratic party, which lost, go back to work and get back on a path of fiscal rezponsibility and moral integrity.

And hey electorate---do you want affordable healthcare? , well you cant have it till our law makers, senators and congressman have the same program we do. If we get Obamacare, then they have it to.

Then watch how quickly the whole system gets.

Rich Taylor

The Common Sense Party.

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