Post #4

In my digital story I plan to cover the positive and negative side effects of being in a sorority. What I plan to look into is: How will being in a sorority help someone like me, who is a Native American female student at the University of Minnesota? I would conduct a survey and ask questions such as

· Are you in a sorority?

Yes or no

· What is your grade point average?

· Rate your overall happiness

1–10 10 being really happy, 1 being sad most of the time

Through these questions I hope to see the what the impact is of being in a sorority for females that are Native American like myself on this campus. Like previously stated in another medium post.

I plan to talk about my experience and compare it to the data I’ve collected. I would also like to interview a couple of the girls in my sorority and see how their experiences compare to mine. I would ask questions like:

Why did you choose to be in a sorority?

How has it impacted your life?

-positively? negatively?

How has it affected your schooling?

I have not conducted my survey yet so I do not have any data to insert.

I want the overall flow of my medium post to start out with me discussing why I joined a sorority and the affects it has had on my life at the U thus far. Theni will go into the data I’ve collected from others in sororities and I will discuss my findings then I will go into the interview I will do with some of the ladies in my Sorority, AOII.

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