Connor Gunsbury

Hi Connor!

I like how you arranged your blog. Both of your mind maps are very readable, and I think you did a great job narrowing down the central theme to many sub-themes. I also think your sketches are great! It was fun to hear your ideas and the sketches are really clear. Great job!

I wish the scope of your sub-themes was a little more consistent, I think they became progressively more broad. I had trouble with this myself and I think it can be difficult to come up with different themes that are all not too broad or too narrow.

What if you referred to your mind map to get a more consistent scope for each sub theme? You could look at your themes while drawing your mind map, and try to break down each one, and if you are able to break them down into several sub-themes consider narrowing down your topic. For example, for the parenting theme you could break it down into parenting styles, common parenting issues etc.