Mohsin Khokhar

Hi Mohsin!

I like how thorough you were with your blog, you really did a good job explaining your process. I like how methodical I also like how you added pictures of your interviewees to break up the text and help tell the story. The unpacking section was really clear (maybe just try to make the writing a little bigger).

I wish that there were more pictures of the food people in coffman were eating. I understand that it’s hard to get candid pictures of people eating so maybe you could take pictures of the types of food they were getting from the martketplace/vending machine at Coffman.

What if you expanded your observation a little bit, beyond students that are on the go? It would be interesting to see the difference between what students eat between classes and maybe what they buy for dinner for example, you could check out some take-out restaurants and some healthier restaurants like Sprout or Freshiis to get a more comprehensive picture.

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