A Final Farewell to Dead Trees

“Who wants yesterdays papers? Nobody in the world.” The Rolling Stones

As 2016 comes to an end, so ends my lifelong tradition and love of reading the print New York Times.

I remember loving reading the paper as early as 4th grade. The Times…

In New York Magazine without explaining his math, Jonathan Chait argues “Why Bloomberg Could Run for President and Win.”

“It is clearly possible for an independent to win a three-way race against two established party candidates in a state. …

A quick search on Twitter for “Trump new low” yields at least 11 different major “new lows” he’s hit just in the past few weeks!

.@ShaunKing: @realDonaldTrump hits new low, will do anything to appeal to racist supporters @NYDailyNews 11/23/15

Trump’s religious hate speech brought American democracy to a new…

Richard Robbins

Digital Strategist. Fascinated by impact of tech & social on society. NYer, father, cyclist, music lover, tennis player, BBQer.

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