Day 3 in Andela Boot Camp: Let’s Test

Today was all about testing. In order to make sure that our code works, we had to test it. This was the first time I was introduced to the concept of software testing. I didn’t know that testing was not done only after the software was built; I didn’t know there was a model that required you to test a code you had not even written; I didn’t know that a software can be automatically tested and I didn’t know how important testing was in the software development process.

Bukola Makinwa, our Technical Trainer introduced us to terms like Extreme Programming (XP); Test Driven Development (TDD); Red, Green and Refactor Model; Agile Process; Test for valid input, invalid input and input that will break our code; Unit Testing; Integration Testing; Functional or acceptance Testing and Behavioral Driven Development (BDD).

Now I know that testing is not done only after the software is built but even before we start building the fundamentals of our software; I know that Test Driven Development is a development technique where we must write a test that fails before writing new functional code. I know that one of the basic models of TDD is the red, green, refactor model where we first write a test that fails first (red), then we write a code that will make the test pass (green) and then we improve on our existing code (refactor).

I remember a boot camper pointing out that this is just too cumbersome and time consuming so it will eventually slow down the development process but our Instructor helped us understood that it is best if it is done to prevent or reduce the likelihood of defects in our software later in the future.

I realized that testing generally is very important in the software development process and some clients may even demand it from you.

We also learnt a soft-skill today; gratitude. Personally, I learnt first that when showing gratitude, I should not just stop at Thank you but tell the person how much their gift or service meant to you and how it will help on something specific; it shows you really appreciate. I also learnt that it is necessary to not forget to look into the person’s eyes and smile while showing gratitude.