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The Democratic Caucus — there’s an app for that! As I type this, the nation is continuing to wait for the results of the Democratic Iowa Caucus due to an absolutely abysmal failure of an app designed to tally votes.

Now I’m the first to admit that I don’t know all the details about the app and the technology behind it. I can’t even find out much about Shadow Inc, the company who was contracted to build this gem. …

Solid project leadership often comes down to better decision making. Decision making is both a skill and an art, and while it comes naturally to some project managers, it can also be learned through experience and practice. But why is decision making so important — and why is it so difficult?

The Process of Making a Decision

Decision making is about information and logic. When you make a decision, you need to consider all possible factors and outcomes, and determine which set of circumstances will lead to the most desirable outcome for the project. …

Have you ever watched one of those performers who spins plates for a living? First one plate is set spinning atop a tall thin pole. Then a second plate and pole are put in motion, and then a third and so on. At some point there are too many plates for the performer to keep up and they all start crashing to the ground.

Well that was me and my project management style. I’d run, yes sometimes literally, from meeting to meeting. …

It was the same story, time and time again. I would ask my team members, “What happened? Why didn’t this get done on time?”

The answers came flying back:

I had to answer 12 emails just this hour.

I spent three hours on the phone yesterday with the client.

I needed to answer an important question from another department.

And you know what? Those were all perfectly valid answers.

These were things that my team members had to be doing. It was part of their job responsibilities. …

As the lead, the project manager is in charge of strategically planning the goals and steps that are necessary to completing a project on-time and under-budget — without compromising the quality and integrity of the end result. The project manager is the person that people will turn to for direction, to solve unexpected problems that arise and to provide answers to their questions. Recognizing the unique role that the project manager plays, it’s important to understand the common traits among the best project managers.

The top qualities that every project manager should have include:


For the project manager, every…

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Hi, I’m Rich Butkevic and I Specialize in Project Management and Transformative PMO Leadership — My Certifications include PMP, CSM, AWS, RUP, and more.

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