Disrupting price comparison using design sprints

Design Sprints

  1. Heard of a design sprint?
  2. Taken part in one?
  3. Taken part in more than 1?
  4. Facilitated a sprint?

The Sprint Process

The design sprint process. Image from the Zapier Blog (https://zapier.com/blog/google-ventures-design-sprint/).

Sprints at MoneySuperMarket

Lou, one of our researchers taking part in our first sprint. Photo by Taz Hussain.

17 sprints in 2016

MoneySuperMarket and agency colleagues in a sprint.

User research

A sprint taking place with an agency in their offices.

2016 Reflections

  • not everything is a sprint
  • there are different types of sprints
  • not all sprints need to be tested in the same way
  • retro required on all sprints
  • pre-Sprint kick-offs are invaluable
  • how might we coach more facilitators?
  • how might we improve the sprint environment?

Design Sprints in 2017

Types of sprints we run at MoneySuperMarket

Type C process, the 10 day sprint

Process breakdown for our Type C sprints.

Collaboration, focus and colleague engagement

Reasons to sprint

  • Collaboration
  • Focus
  • Shared understanding of problems
  • Energised team
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • Increased customer exposure
  • Continuous learning





Leading the UX & Design team at MoneySuperMarket

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Rich Clark

Rich Clark

Leading the UX & Design team at MoneySuperMarket

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