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In the 2018 Employee Pulse Survey (EPS) at Coursera, one big area of focus that emerged was “Engineers take a long time to ramp up with the tools and technologies that they need to be able to do their job.

Over the years, the Coursera engineering team had come to use a wide range of technologies — popular open-source, some homegrown, some adopted from outside with relatively small communities — to build our services and applications. …

SSL Pinning is not a new concept, even then most mobile developers secure their apps by pinning their SSL certificates, only after they get a love letter from unknown hacker, looking for a fun project and some attention.

What is SSL Pinning?

Using SSL for network connections is the de facto method of ensuring secure data transmission in today’s mobile apps. Some apps that use SSL are not taking the extra step necessary to ensure eavesdropping cannot occur on the data connection. This “extra step” is known as SSL Pinning.

Source — https://possiblemobile.com/2013/03/ssl-pinning-for-increased-app-security

So what is that extra step?

It is to restrict your app to only talk to web services which exchange only one or a set of certificates that it can recognize, by storing it locally within the app. …

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Yesterday was my first time attending Google IO. I had heard a lot of buzz around it since the last few years, mostly for all the freebies, somewhat also for its exclusivity. Finally, I made it this year!

It was truly inspiring and offered a lot more than I could absorb. By the end of the day, I was completely exhausted physically, but mentally stimulated to try out all the cool stuff announced in the conference.

Some of the things that kept me on my toes were

App Permissions — iOS style. Its really great for both developers and users.

Fingerprint support — screen unlock…



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