The Window: View then and now!

I was travelling to Delhi, my hometown during the summer vacations. My 5-year-old was really excited and was roaming around the airport lounge in his excitement. It’s that time of the year when all kids go and visit their grandparents in India. My eyes were constantly observing him as he kept on leaping from one shop to another. I looked around and to my satisfaction the surroundings were clean, welcoming and most of all relevantly safer.

After the announcement for boarding, fellow passenger started to form a queue and in no time, we took off from Bangalore. My son was quietly sitting on the window seat and was content looking at the aerial view of the city. He was content but to me, something was missing. I remembered how, as a kid, I use to race to get the window seat. But that window seat was much more vibrant than the one my son was seated on. Right at this time, I was remembering my summer vacations and the eventful, colorful, and vivacious train journey’s I used to enjoy in my childhood. The whistle of the train, that rhythmic sound of the engine, the yellows and greens of the farmlands, the long-standing trees waving at us. All of that was so full of life. It was not that clean then, probably not so safe either, it took longer to commute, but it was wonderful. My window used to be so much colorful then that of my son. I felt the urge to share my memories with him. I wanted to show him how my childhood was. But how?

I had completely lost track of time. Someone was calling me…… Oh! It was time for inflight snacks…. I saw something on the menu and just then it clicked to me. Drinks and Memories.

I knew the best way I can show it to my son. I am sure many of us will relate with the following video. This campaign connected so strongly with my emotions instigating childhood memories.