If The Left Ever Regains Power, We Are Fucked
Big Time WNBA Fan

I agree with the sentiment and especially with the idea that this last election was it. America was on the ledge with its back to the chasm, and one more step backwards would have meant certain death. Winning was a miracle from God himself. Illegal immigration, no I.D. voting and amnesty represented a Democrat coup d’etat that came very close to being successfully completed. We are still not out of the woods and the long road back has only taken its first fledgling baby steps, but I guess I would say, don’t forget that we can hit back. If they decide to be, “bloodthirsty mobs who have explicitly justified open violence against the right…” guess what? We have guns and can shoot. Where Spencer made his mistake was in not chasing down the punk who sucker punched him and beating the crap out of him and if that draws others to his defense, hurt them every way you can. They are cowardly snowflakes and will fold like a paper bag when faced with faced with bodily harm.

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