Is there room for a more social Periscope?

With the mass adoption of Periscope along with other streaming services the question begs to be asked is that it? I’m not so sure, although Facebook hasn’t released a periscope like app that all can use yet, I think that maybe something to come. In the same way that Twitter (Periscope’s owner) and Facebook both live in different areas of the social universe, so too could there be a live streaming service that mirrors the social constructs of Facebook? There are many things in life that I would post on Twitter and private things I like to keep between friends on Facebook.

So what might a Facebook Streaming service look like? Well it would allow public sharing like on periscope however if I wanted to share my kids birthday party or a funny family moment then I want to be able to choose who sees that. It would also allow me to engage particular friends and family members on the service when an event was happening through push notifications. Finally as Facebook seems to be the main place for us to store and share photos and video’s it seems a logical platform for such a service.

I am interested to hear peoples thoughts on this so please feel free to comment and share.

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