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The Content Supply Chain: A Logistics Business

At its core, the supply and distribution of content at ITV is a logistics business. Bringing together a number of systems, teams and workflows, the Content Supply Chain is responsible for bringing up to five terabytes’ worth of content every day into ITV and distributing it to consumers. As with any logistics business, technology plays a key role: automation helps us to receive, process and deliver content efficiently, while data and analytics present opportunities to optimise workflows and extract more value from the supply chain itself.

Small, composable components are well-suited to this domain, and insights can be derived by taking an event-driven approach to their interaction. For example, by comparing the timestamps of different events in a particular workflow, we can measure its performance and identify any bottlenecks that it might contain. Similarly, if an expected event does not arrive, alerts can be raised so that the underlying issues get resolved before causing problems. …


Richard Ashworth

Principal Software Engineer @ ITV

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