Galleys and Cogs destroyed

A Song of Ice and Fire is one hell of a saga, telling its story with the added affect of settings. In the great game, there is a level of technology that Westeros has been stuck in for hundreds of years. More often than not, the 14th/15th century in human history is most relatable to the weaponry that most great houses possess.

Let’s take a look at the most striking evidence that points to 14th/15th century. Clothing!

For those who have watched the HBO Original Series, or even paid due attention to the descriptions of Westerosi clothing, extravagance in appearance can go as far as the braiding of hair. However, the dresses of the Westerosi elite women point to the same trend created somewhere around 1460 in Europe, when clothing had first set an image for an age. Trends were created by the simple large ending sleeves or headwear, along with V-neck dresses from Burgundy, which are not hard to find in sprawling King’s Landing.

Even young Lady Sansa Stark dresses with a sense of fashion in this photo of her in the Great Hall in King’s Landing.

Notice the headwear and elaborate dress layers.

A common V-neck style dress it was used by prime example Sansa Stark, and characters like Margarey Tyrell or Cersei Lannister have the same style of dresses, showing off cleavage and demonstrating the long lengths of hair.

Weaponry such as crossbows and broadswords are still widely used in the great game, suggesting that the time period is the 15th century. Plate armor for nobility and chain mail for the regular infantry is what 15th century European armies used as standard.

A 15th Century crossbow for nobility.

Crossbows like the one shown to the left were used by nobility, gilded with gold and fine wood. The regular crossbowmen would use a standard wooden crossbow, cheaply made but easy to load.

Plate armor used by nobility or impoverished knights.

Knights and nobility used plate armor to stop the use of a simple dagger and/or arrow to kill. With armor, the common swing of a sword would be usually ineffective, as you needed to swing at the armpits or neck to damage your opponent in armor, which is why broadswords or greatswords were used to pierce armor, due to harsh metal protection.

The time period, seeming like boring information at first, is actually very important to understand while enjoying A Game of Thrones. Time period affects medicine, politics, battles, and even the people. Why? Because now knowing that the series takes place in 15th century human history, you will know that gunpowder is next on the technology tree. Look out for fireworks, because they are coming soon.

Come back next time to look at the families, countries, and wars that the great houses of Westeros and Essos can relate to.

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